Holiday Apartments Mare Nostrum

Pag is unique, it is an island of great diversity, surrounded by the sea, blessed with fertile green oasis and protected by unbreakable stone. Rough and almost hostile on the outside, Pag is incredibly hospitable to their guests, providing them with all its beauty. Once you arrive, you'll probably be back for more. And believe us, you'll never go away empty-handed - whether to bring a piece of famous sheep cheese, with great love woven lace or just good memories ...

The brightest jewel in the necklace of Pag - Povljana - a village of fishermen, farmers and shepherds, situated on a hill, proudly boasts its bay.

 Because of its beautiful sandy beaches and bright shallow sea, Povljana offers quality vacation for families with children. Building sand castles, wiggle in the shallows, the first swimming strokes - ideal for children's play. But if you want to separate from the crowd,  you can easily find your peace at the hidden beaches and coves, and if you do not like the sand, you can visit the pebble and rocky beaches. Also, you can enjoy the benefits of medicinal mud, which helps to alleviate rheumatic symptoms.

Located just 50 meters from the beach, „Mare Nostrum“ apartments provide their guests with everything they need: comfortable accommodation, outdoor barbecue, peace and quiet and the sound of beautiful blue sea.

Each apartment has its own bathroom, kitchen, balcony or terrace and parking place. Also, the host offers a fishing boat trips to remote beaches  - all you need is sunscreen and good company…

We are waiting for you!


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